Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thinking of moving to Australia?

Thinking of moving to Australia? A similar thought strike my love and he started on the mission to check out the prospect of this.  Luckily Australia has been inviting immigrations and my hubby saw a chance. He visited several agents and we listed down to one who is a MARA agent.

Deciding Factors to pick them – MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) agent, and they convinced us that they would be in a better position to follow up. if any problem arises.

So we started our journey on June 2013 and were finally Australian PR holders on June 2014!

Glimpse of our milestones
ACS Lodged: 07 June 2013
ACS Results: 06 Sept 2013
IELTS cleared: 20 Sept 2013
EOI 189 lodged: 24 Sept 2013
Invitation received for Visa: 24 March 2014
Visa lodged: 29 March 2014
Visa Grant: 13 June 2014

While our first step was to get the right agent and not get duped, the right agent itself was an utter waste of money. The process is quite simple and lots of help available on google and expatforum. The main reason to go through agents was that either of us did not have time for followups and nor any idea about the process. It turned out, that we were doing all the followups with the agents and eventually all help was available on internet and forums. 

So we were all pecked up now to start! And I was a little scared too :)

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